David Kovacs
Co-Director, Co-Producer, Writer


Steve Ordower
Co-Director, Co-Producer
Owner, Rhythm & Light


Throughout much of David's 40-year career writing award-winning videos, films and plays, he and his wife Patty have also been involved in interfaith dialogue, and are two of the founders of the Chicago Interfaith Family School. With Leaps of Faiths, his work comes full circle to one of his first script writing jobs for the Emmy-winning children's program The Magic Door, produced by WBBM-TV and the Chicago Board of Rabbis. He's always been fascinated by how the media, spirituality and learning can intersect in ways that intrigue and involve audiences, and is excited to take that journey a giant step further with this exploration into the joys, challenges and mysteries of interfaith marriage.


Steve Ordower is a producer/director, actor, and award-winning editor of dramatic films, documentaries, television programs, corporate videos, live concerts and audio podcasts. He is dedicated to educating people with his projects and is the founder of the production company, Rhythm & Light. His work on Leaps of Faiths is right in line with this commitment, and his productions have been seen on numerous outlets including PBS, The Discovery Channel and Amazon Prime Video. Ordower currently produces and acts in Sounds of the Game, a mocumentary radio podcast available on iTunes, and manages the historic archive of Gospel Music television footage from the Emmy-Award-winning show, Jubilee Showcase, which ran on the Chicago ABC affiliate (WLS-TV) for 21 years, and is the subject of a documentary film now in production.


"We're climbing the same mountain. We're just taking different paths"

- Rabbi Allen Secher