Broadcast Premiere Reaches 20,000+ Homes

The reactions to our premiere May 23 on WTTW (PBS in Chicago) have been off the charts wonderful! We heard about viewing parties, people watching with family members, recording it on their DVRs, and recommending it to others via our streaming platform. Thanks to so many for sharing texts and social media posts like these…

– I’m watching it with my parents – they so enjoyed it! – Father Tom Hurley
– Mazel Tov a million times over! – Rabbi Ari Moffic
– The impossible can be possible. Give my congratulations to all involved in this stimulating program. – Father Bill Moriarity, McLaughlin Faith Foundation
– Sat there drenched in tears. so proud of all the faith leapers as I watched them last night. – Barbara Mahany, author, “Motherprayer” and “Slowing Time”

From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
– Outstanding! Done very well!
– Just watched it again and it brought me to tears again…
– I especially liked the reflections from young adults who had experienced the program and the flashbacks to when they participated in the program as children.
– I loved this!! We are forever grateful to the amazing clergy and people we have met.
– So amazing! Only regret that it’s the exception, not the rule. Hopefully this will be inspiration for others of all faiths & creeds.
– I hope lots of folks see it and ask more questions.
– Thanks for sharing our story and shedding light on the love that us “Cashew” families share. It is reassuring to know that we aren’t alone in this journey.
– Leaps of Faiths was everything I hoped it would be and more!

The conversation continues… please keep sharing your thoughts and spreading the word!

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