Leaps of Faiths Announces Premiere Screenings

We have great news about Leaps of Faiths!  The premiere screenings of our documentary about interfaith marriage will be on Sunday, February 10 at 12:30 PM and 6 PM on the campus of Old St. Patrick’s Church at 625 W. Adams St (diagonally across from the church).  Admission is free and so is parking (enter the building garage on Desplaines St.) There will be post-screening discussions with Fr. Tom Hurley and Rabbi Ari Moffic (12:30 p.m.) and Fr. Tom and Rabbi Evan Moffic (6 p.m.)  Leaps of Faiths is also an official selection in the Chicago Jewish Film Festival and the broadcast premiere will be this spring on WTTW Chicago.

The film explores what happens when faith is tested by love, and love is tested by faith.  Clergy, couples and parents are featured, including young adults who grew up interfaith, interviewed as 8th graders and  then into their teens and 20s.  A Jew and a Catholic may have grown up looking at the other faith as “over there” or “the other” … but when they fall in love, that’s no longer possible.  They’re family, and that’s when things get interesting.

These families face questions … and controversy.  80% of Reform Jews who got married in the last 5 years intermarried, and a majority of American Jews today are partnered with someone of a different cultural or religious background.  But through it all, possibilities abound.  In a world that can seem increasingly polarized and tribal, interfaith families are crossing borders.

Stay in touch — here on the website and follow us on facebook, twitter and social media.  We’ll be posting more news about the film, including more upcoming screenings and our broadcast and streaming plans in the months to come. We want to specially thank our supporters, especially those who have recently contributed again — we are still working to raise the funds to complete this last phase of production.  To our donors and all who have participated and encouraged us…  you have made dream of a feature film possible – and we can’t wait to share it widely this year and help many other interfaith couples and those who love them.